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Scott Ertl, Parent-Child Retreat Founder
Scott Ertl

Who facilitates Parent-Child Retreats?

After performing comedy magic and juggling with several circuses for 9 years, Scott Ertl "ran away from the circus" to join a school! He has been an elementary school counselor for the past 18 years and enjoys facilitating Parent-Child Retreats for schools and churches as much as possible!

Scott started facilitating Parent-Child Retreats after seeing so many children and parents struggle to connect, communicate, play and have fun together. The responses after Parent-Child Retreats has always been extremely positive, so he hopes to inspire more counselors to lead retreats at schools and churches as well.

Scott trains hundreds of counselors around the country to lead their own Parent-Child Retreats. His "How to Facilitate a Parent-Child Retreat" book helps counselors plan, coordinate, publicize and facilitate their own Parent-Child Retreats with confidence and success.
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