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How can we fund a Parent-Child Retreat?

Good news! There are many ways to make it happen. Scott has seen numerous sources for funding the Parent-Child Retreats over the years.

Some common sources include:
Charge participants directly. ($8-12 per pair)
Ask a local business (or 2) to sponsor the program.
Become part of the PTA/PTO budget for next year.
Use Title I funding since it directly related to parent involvement.
Co-sponsor with law enforcement as a community event.
Reach out to the local media in search for a donor or sponsor.
Contact your local Lions Club, Rotary Club, Moose lodge, etc.

What does it cost to host a Parent-Child Retreat?
$1,200, plus travel and lodging expenses (from NC).
Easily accommodate up to 100-150 Parent-Child pairs.
This includes all materials, supplies, handouts
You can choose to host a 90-min. to 3-hour Parent-Child Retreat.

Parent-Child Retreats
Feel free to contact Scott Ertl for ideas on how to fund your Parent-Child Retreat. He has a 100% success rate in helping organization find sponsors who are eager to partner with you. There are many civic organizations and donors who are looking for ways to help families thrive.
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"I can not do all the good that the world needs,
but the world needs all the good that I can do."

-Jana Stanfield

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