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Parent-Child Retreats
What are Parent-Child Retreats?

Since no parent can be there all of the time, it's important to make the time to be together to talk and listen to what their children are going through. To get beyond the, "What did you learn at school today?" and move to "What's really going on these days with you?" instead.

Parent-Child Retreats provide a safe, structured, fun, and memorable opportunity for parents and children to remember what they really--want but often forget to do.

Parent-Child Retreats create a space to talk, but more important, to listen. Participants open their hearts to create more joy and love in their lives instead of staying guarded, busy or distant. 

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During a Parent-Child Retreat, participants:
Laugh, play, and draw together.
Talk and listen.
Receive SHMILY coins and Parent Passes.
Learn about each other.
Find out new things that you have in common.
Create action plans to make homework, morning &
bedtime routines a more positive experience.

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